• Communication

    DOBIT creates the perfect constellation of elements for effective digital communication: strategy, hardware, software & content.

  • Industry

    Custom electronics, HMI construction, IP65-sealed touchscreens: whatever you need.  DOBIT can create, deliver, install and maintain it.

  • Resellers

    Our products include touchscreens, Digital Signage, thermal printers, directional speakers and many more. With service!

DOBIT: your partner in digital communication technology

First and foremost, DOBIT is a professional partner for our customers.  We listen, think along with you, look for alternatives and offer solutions that add value to your business. We are DOBIT Solutions not just in name but in practice.  For over 25 years, we have been supplying solutions for our customers in a range of areas.

  • Touchtechnology

    For more than 20 years DOBIT is the official distributor of Elo TouchSystems in the Benelux,   the world leader in touchscreens.  From information kiosks to cash registers, our solutions offer efficiency, sustainability and a quick ROI.  We provide a wide range of products and technologies as well as expertise in customisation.

  • Digital Signage

    Whether meeting the needs of governments, museums, businesses or retail,... Digital Signage products and services add a world of possibilities to conventional network-linked flatscreens. We can explain in detail how you can best manage the content of your messaging.

  • Directional sound

    The SoundShower® is the equivalent of a spotlight, but for sound. DOBIT can help you use this technology to its best effect.

  • Custom electronics and hardware

    From laboratory instruments to industrial applications, plus kiosks, Digital Signage installations and more.